Top 10 Tips For Skinny Guys To Look Good And Feel Better
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Top 10 Tips For Skinny Guys To Look Good And Feel Better

  • Post published:February 23, 2020
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This post goes out to all the skinny dudes out there. In this post, there are top 10 tips for skinny guys to look good that you can follow to your style and grooming to look more studly and aesthetic.

But before we start, I want to recommend you consider joining a gym or do basic exercises. See, Muscle mass is very important on one’s body; If I say about me then I believe joining the gym was my best decision ever, and I can surely guarantee that you won’t regret it either, give it a try.😉

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started

1. Wear Clothes That Fits Your Body

Now, I know you may probably heard this exact point in every other article or blog that is out there on the web. So, I am not going to waste your time on this, but you need to understand if you are thin you wanna make sure that the clothes you buy and wear; fits your body.

They should not be too big because it will eventually make you look even smaller.

2. Color

Ain’t that right that black looks sexy and aesthetic on everybody. But here’s the fact, the color black on skinny guys actually make them appear smaller visually or we can say any dark color will do the same because these colors absorb light (Science).

comparing light and dark color cloth

Instead, my recommendation would be to wear light color clothes like white, light blue, light grayish. Now, these light color clothes will make you look a little bit bigger because they are now going to be bouncing off that light.

3. Tuck In Your Shirt Or T-Shirt

Remember, it might not always work, but it does at times.

tuck in your shirt or t-shirt

By doing this, your waist immediately cinches in, which exaggerates the width of your shoulders, making you more buffer and leaner than what you are.

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4. Facial Hair

Facial hair is tricky. Even if you think that facial hair is making your face fuller and bigger, but that isn’t true, instead they are doing the opposite.

I know there are some dudes, including myself, that are a big fan of facial hair, but if you are skinny, try to trim to the max or possibly shave off those hairs and let your jawline pop out.

5. Start Layering

It is a no brainer, layering makes you look bigger. So next time when you wear any t-shirt, throw a shirt or jacket on it and feel the difference by yourself.

6. Don’t Wear Accessories That Overwhelm Your Proportions

Make sure accessories as sunglasses or watches fits you properly whenever you buy or wear them. Otherwise, your proportions will be overwhelmed.

Accessories That Overwhelm Your Proportions

Many dudes wear monstrous watches that make them even smaller. Try to wear sizes like 36,38 or 40 that fits your dimensions.

7. Choose The Appropriate Hairstyle

Make sure your hairstyle doesn’t have an enormous volume or have any super tight sides. Medium level volume is fine, and on the sides, you may want to use 2 or 3 number setting on trimmer; remember not too tight.

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8. Sleeve Length

Pop those sleeves up and show those triceps, even if your arms are not that big.

comparing sleeve lengths

Choosing an appropriate sleeve length t-shirt will surely make your arms look bigger and fuller, and if you are not able to find that proper sleeve length, then here’s a hack, make one or two folds to roll up your sleeve; and you will be fine.

9. Fitting Of Pants

Pants need to be slim fit and not super long. Make sure there’s no bunching or gathering around your ankle area. Also, if you want to take it to the next level, then look for chinos with flaps on the rear pockets to look your booty luscious.

10. Be Confident

This is the most crucial part. No matter how big or buff you are, at the end of the day, if you don’t have confidence, then no tips or tricks can work.

Remember. You are incredible; you have absolutely nothing to be insecure about, the points I mentioned earlier are to enhance your aesthetics and your appearance, that doesn’t mean you are not good enough; because here is the truth.

We all have insecurities in a way or another. So, don’t sweat it because, at the end of the day, I believe you are awesome.

So allrounders, that’s it from me on top 10 tips for skinny guys to look good.

If you guys found this informative and easy to follow, then don’t forget to comment below.

That’s a wrap for me, see you guys next time. 😎

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