An Ultimate Guide On Summer Style For Teenage Guys [2020]
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An Ultimate Guide On Summer Style For Teenage Guys [2020]

  • Post published:July 15, 2020
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Hello gentlemen, today we’re going to address summer style for teenage guys.

So, without any ado, let’s get started.

But before heading straight into it, let’s take a look at some summer tips for you guys to look stylish!

How can a teenager look stylish in summer?

1. Tailored fit

No matter how stylish or expensive the clothes are, if they don’t fit you properly, it’s not worth it!

If you ask me, I will choose a 20 $ t-shirt that fits properly over a 200 $ t-shirt that doesn’t, anytime!!

A tailored fit cloth helps to showcase your body features properly.

3. Chinos

Instead of denim, go for chinos that are both stylish and suitable for the summer season.


Chinos are made up of cotton, and cotton will have more breathability than denim any day.

2. Wear Cool Colors

Wear cool colors, especially in the summer season.

Cool colors like shades of blue, white, purple, pink are worth trying in summer.

You may be wondering why so much emphasizing on light colors, why not dark colors?

Basically, there’s a scientific reason behind it.

Dark colors absorb the heat, making you feel sweatier, whereas cool colors reflect the heat.

You can always go for a classic black t-shirt, but again you should not be overdoing it, and your summer collection should have more light color clothes.

5. Polo shirts

Polo shirts are one of the teenage fashion trends in 2020.

polo shirt

Polo shirt helps to create an illusion of broader shoulders.

And if you are a skinny dude, this would be the best investment you can make for your summer style.

4. Wear Shorts

What’s better in the summer season than a nice looking short.

Shorts are even better on a sunny day than a chino!


They should be of appropriate length, not too short and not too long.

It should be around knee level only.

6. Wear Linen

Linen is the most suitable material for the summer season.

The clothes made from this material are lightweight and helps to flow air easily within them.

Wearing a linen cloth is the most comfortable summer style for teenage guys.

If we compare cotton with linen, then linen is far more superior than cotton for summer.

Though it is costly, it is worth it if you can get your hands on one of them.

7. Sweat shorts

Sweat shorts are also a great option instead of regular sweat pants.

sweat shorts

It looks both sporty and stylish at the same time, and worth mentioning that it has more breathability than regular shorts.

8. Sliders

It’s summer season, no one wants to wear shoes all the time.

But one can wear sliders and let their feet breathe!

Sliders are making a decent noise in the summer style options for teenagers this year.

Instead of flip-flops and sandals, you can go for a decent pair of sliders.

9. Don’t Layer Too Much

Layering fits best in winter, but in summer, you should avoid as much as possible.

10. Experiment and find your unique style

It’s always the experimenting and coming out to a solid conclusion.

We all are unique in some way or another, alright. You should do that in your styling game also. Experiment various clothing options and find your unique taste in it, your unique style!

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As a teenager, it is normal to have a desire for looking older than we really are.

And that’s where color should be put into account.

Deciding clothes based on colors are crucial because they hold the ability to make or break your whole game.

So, if you wish to look older for any reason, you should not wear colors that do the opposite!

What color shirt makes you look younger?

All shades of light color clothes like blue, green, white makes you look younger.

The lighter the cloth is, the more light reflects off from it, which makes your face look vibrant.

Let’s take a look at fashionable summer clothes you can try.

Summer Fashion For Teenage Guys

summer fashion
Designer Shirt With Plain Shorts Combined With Pair Of White Shoes
summer fashion for teenage guys
Trendy Teen Style
floral shirt
Floral Shirt
how can a teenager look stylish
Nice Blue T-Shirt With Chinos
striped shirt
Striped Shirt

Before calling it a day, I have some useful tips which I want to share with you guys.

These tips will make you look more mature and sensible than your peers.

So make sure to check them out, alright!

How can a teenager look older?

1. Have Pride In Your Appearance

Having pride in yourself is the best way of showing matureness.

Note it should be pride, not cockiness! Cockiness will make you look even more childish.

Having a perfect amount of self-esteem and confidence will automatically let other people know that you are not like the rest.

And you are not someone to mess with.

2. Have respect for yourself

To be viewed as more mature and wiser than your age group, you have to show respect for people around you.

And more importantly, you have to show respect for yourself.

You should not be letting others walking you all over, and you should know where to stop giving that respect to them.

If people treat you like crap, you have to respect yourself more and stand up for yourself.

Remember, only respect people who deserve it!

3. Act Responsible

I know how it feels like when people don’t take you seriously because you are a teenager.

Over the years, I have learned one thing that in order to be taken seriously as a teenager, you have to be responsible.

You have to act accordingly, and you gotta dress appropriately.

Here’s the thing brother, the teen age is all about experimenting and gaining experience from it.

So, don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying out new things unless they don’t harm anybody(you know what I mean).

You are awesome, and I feel grateful to be of any help to you.

That all being said, allrounders that’s basically it for summer style for teenage guys.

If you guys found this informative and easy to follow, then don’t forget to comment below.

That’s a wrap for me, see you guys next time!

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