How To Snapchat Your Crush: 6 Simple Steps That Actually Works!
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How To Snapchat Your Crush: 6 Simple Steps That Actually Works!

  • Post published:March 28, 2020
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What’s up boys, hope you are doing great.

Today, we are going to know how to Snapchat your crush or how to Snapchat someone you like in general. We’ll be going over six sure shot ways to do so.

But first of all, let us try to understand what is the benefit of snap chatting a girl in the first place?

Snapchat is a kind of platform that consists of casual, low pressure conversations. Sending somebody a snap is likely to be more acceptable than sending someone a text because it usually implies that you sent the snap to multiple people.

This makes conversations looser and more casual, a girl is more likely to respond and engage in conversation with you if It is in a relaxed way, whereas sending somebody a text message like “hi” has way more pressure.

Well, boys just think about it, when you get a Snapchat from someone, you take it less seriously than if someone directly reached out to you and texted you. This way of interaction makes the barrier to responding way lower.

Girls are less guarded when getting a snap vs. when they get a text.

This is why you’ll find that sometimes when using Snapchat, a conversation can end up going for hours after just a single random snap. The fact that it’s so spontaneous is also the reason a regular Snapchat can end up turning into you both exchanging nudes just 30 minutes later 🤫.

I think that’s more than enough benefits of Snapchat. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Don’t send generic snaps

Don’t send generic snaps that have zero to no value at all. The snaps you be sending should have some sense to it and should be interesting 😉. Sending a snap that says “hey” or “What’s Up” provides no value to the conversation point of view.

Why would she even respond to that, there’s no incentive to reply? These are like the worst Snapchat ideas for crush!!!

snapchat tool bar

The only time you can get away with messages like these is if the girl already kind of into you. People like engaging conversations, they don’t want the conversation to feel like a burden.

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In the early stages, your snaps or messages in general needs to provide some sort of value to the girl.

how to snapchat someone you like

It needs to be intriguing, entertaining, funny and so on and so forth.

2. Stories

These are the best Snapchat conversation starters. Just leave a reply to your crush’s story. It’s more organic and a little less try-hard than directly hitting her up.

But there’s a warning here, only reply to stories that make sense to reply.

Whatever it is you say, just make sure there’s context, and it makes sense.

4. Sending Your Face Pics

Don’t send pics that cover one-fifth of your face! Many guys send pics like these because they feel too insecure to send pics of their whole face.

snapchat ideas for crush

See, boys, If you are not confident in your own skin then, first of all, fix that up before even going to the Snapchat phase.

Ok, I understand there will be times when you’ll be feeling low, but you know Snapchat has filters for a reason, right? Sending the same corner of your face over and over is boring as f*ck.

Just use a filter; it’s funnier and more entertaining anyways!

3. Don’t Panic

I have seen so many guys making this mistake who just goes to a panic mode if the one they like don’t reply to their snaps. You guys should understand that nobody replies to every snap, so if she doesn’t reply don’t freak out.

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Don’t start stalking her online, and seeing if she’s replying to other people, just act as nothing happened.

You should be too busy living with your own life to even realize that shit!

I want you to answer a simple question, do you respond to every snap from your friends? No, of course not, and this is no different. So relax and don’t stress out.

5. Snapchat Streaks

A lot of guys make it as a proof that a girl is into them a little bit if she has a streak with them, which is NOT TRUE!!

The fact that she taps her screen one extra time on your name, next to 9 other guys, means she likes you? Yeah, Ok, bro.

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See mate, I’ve dated tons of girls in my life and you want to know how many of those I had streaks with? Maybe 2 or 3.

Don’t push so much emphasis on the streak, it’s not necessary.

snapchat streaks

A lot of guys use streaks to get some sort of validation from the girl they like, but in reality, it doesn’t really mean that much because you still have to show some game to make the girl like you.

I honestly just avoid it in general as it can come off kinda try-hard, but use your own judgment with the girl and make your personal decision.

6. Ending The Conversation

Once the conversation reaches a natural end, leave it at that, and talk to her again at different time.

You don’t need to snap your crush 24/7, only talk to her for building comfort, show her that you’re a cool guy, and then within a pretty quick period, you should be going for a hangout.

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See, your goal is not to be a “Snapchat best friend” because if you do that, suddenly she’s gonna start sending you nudes asking if they look good enough for sending to her boyfriend, and then you’ll be like a total f*cked, my friend.

I mean, there’s nothing worse than to be a Snapchat best friend, don’t let that happen to you, my friend!

So allrounders that’s basically it, how to Snapchat your crush in six simple yet effective ways.

If you guys found this informative and easy to follow, don’t forget to comment down below.

That’s a wrap from me, see you next time 😎

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