An Honest Answer To “Why Is My Girlfriend Dry Texting Me?”
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An Honest Answer To “Why Is My Girlfriend Dry Texting Me?”

  • Post published:May 24, 2020
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Me: Hi! How are you doing?

Her: Gud

Me: So any plans for today?

Her: nm

Me: We should make a plan soon. What do you say?

Her: ok

How To Fix A Dry Text Conversation

Me: We can binge-watch movies together.

Her: hmm

Me: So, what’s your favorite movie?

Her: K

What To Do If A Girl Is Dry Texting

Yeah, K is an excellent movie, It’s Such A MASTERPIECE!!!!!


Today we’re going to hit hard on a topic which probably most of us have faced once in our life, and that is Dry Texting!!

You and I both know texting is a way of communicating with each other in a light-hearted way, and it has way less pressure than a phone call.

But what happens when your enjoyment suddenly transforms into anger and frustration by the responses you are getting from your girl.

That is when you know that you are being dry texted!

If you are new to the term dry texting and wondering what is the meaning of it then don’t you worry, I got you.

What Is The Meaning Of Dry Texting?

Dry texting is when another person is giving one-word or two-word response to your long-ass messages.

In other words, they are really not into the mood for texting, but they do it anyway.

Yeah, it may seem that they are doing some sort of “favor” on us.

Dry texting can range from mild to severe, the mild case is the example used at the very start where you are at least getting 1 or 2 word response.

But boy, the severe case is whole on another level. In this case, you are left read, and that’s it. No Response!!

Not a single word from their side and I know that whenever it happens, we cannot control the urge to smash our fu*king phone!

And it hurt even more if the person doing dry texting is our girlfriend! And we are like WTF, why is my girlfriend dry texting me?

But smashing the phone and getting angry is not the solution to this at all.

So, without any further ado, let’s try to understand why she is dry texting you.

But before starting, remove the case that maybe she is lazy in texting, which you have probably read in other articles.

It’s not that other articles are providing wrong information. Still, it’s my humble view that it is not an acceptable reason at all!

I mean, come on, man, do you think that someone is that lazy to grab a phone and type a damn text. NO! Don’t be get fooled!

Now, coming to the reasons that may actually be the case here.

Why Is Your Girlfriend Dry Texting You?

1. She is may be actually busy at the moment

I mean people will not be available to us the whole 24/7/365, they got lives too.

And if you are stressing out after sending a text and not getting a response after five minutes, then bro you need a chill pill.

As a man, learn to understand the fact that she may be busy at the moment when you texted her.

Allow her some time to see where it goes.

A good rule of thumb is to try to find a pattern of her responses for a week.

If even after a week, the same shit is rolling, then, you have two options, either confront her in a mannerly way or just completely pull off!

2. She is turned off

As I mentioned earlier in one of my articles 8 Quickest Turnoffs For Women

Turning Her Off

This sucker is the most terrifying for men. She is just turned off and has lost attraction for you.

If you are being over-responsive and messaging her too often, there’s quite a good chance that you have turned your girlfriend off.

Being too responsive with your girlfriend and texting her all the time sends a subliminal message to her that you’re not a busy and productive person.

Which is just not the thing you want her to think!

Women also need space just like men need. No one wants to be squeezed in a relationship by a constant flow of texting.

It just kills the life of your relationship.

The less responsive and more silent and quiet you are, the more attractive the women are to you. And it is scientifically proven also!

3. She is testing you

Maybe she is testing you.

She wants to know whether you’ll remain unaffected without her in your life or not. She wants to test your weaknesses.

She knows that.. anything which is given away too freely or quickly loses its value. She wants to build that love and attention from you.

Remember, she wants to know your emotional stability.

If you allow her to affect you too much emotionally, then she will lose respect for you. And she will not be going to respond or text you back as much.

As a matter of fact, women actually use this shit when they ignore us, you should surely give it a look here:- Why is my girlfriend ignoring me?

You will be blown by the things they do to us.

4. She thinks you are not a boyfriend material

Out of a sudden, she now thinks that you are not boyfriend material. If you are scratching your heads and wondering what is that then you can check out here:- 17 Girls Answered What Is The Meaning Of Boyfriend Material

In that article, I have described what a boyfriend material is and how much you should care about it.

5. She is just not that into you now

There are plenty of ways a girl shows if she likes you. If she is not showing them, then chances are she lost her affection towards you.

And to know those signs, check this boy out here:- Signs She Likes You

Hmm, ok, but what to do now, what are we supposed to do in this situation?

Don’t stress out, we’re going to find that out now.

What To Do If A Girl Is Dry Texting You?

I would advise trying to understand the pattern she is projecting.

Is she the same dry when you meet her in person? If the answer is no, then maybe she is fed up with texting lately.

And if the answer is yes, then confront her and ask for the reason for this.

Try to understand, man, a mutual conversation is a key to a healthy and happy relationship.

So, there’s no harm in confronting her as long as it is done in a non-aggressive way!

If you two can’t meet each other for any set of reasons, then give at least a week to this dry texting situation.

And if you are continually getting dry texts from her even after a week, then try to confront her gently over a text or over a phone call.

Like you can say that “I am noticing since past week you are leaving me hanging during texting, is anything wrong, maybe we can sort it out.”

You may don’t want to say something out of rage to her.

An excellent example of it would be this.

Dry Texting Meme

Always keep in mind that doing this will escalate things further, which you may don’t want.

And if things are still not getting sorted, then brother leave her on her own.

Don’t even try to waste a second on her, your worth is more than that!

If she really ever loved you or cared about you, she will come eventually.

And even if she doesn’t, then don’t cry like a pussy and go get a new girl that genuinely cares for you.

If One Girl Goes, Better Girl Comes

It is also essential to know how to respond to a dry text in the most effective way.

How To Respond To A Dry Text?

If you are getting texts like ‘hmm’ ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘K.’

Try to not texting her back for a day or two and see if she comes back to you or not.

You can also try to approach her with a story or with a question, just try to be engaging in your texts, which she feels worth responding to.

If you are like “hi, what’s up” all the time, then understand that shit won’t work.

How To Respond To A Dry Text

Instead, try to fix out the way you text a.k.a amplify your texting game.

Let’s see how to do that!

How To Fix A Dry Text Conversation?

1.Alternate Your Way Of Texting

If you don’t want to be boring when texting a girl, you have to bring some variations to your texting game.

Keep alternating between asking questions and sharing stories rather than the same lame ‘hi’ ‘hello’ ‘gm’ ‘gn.’

You can ask open-ended questions like:

  1. Tell me how you see children, aren’t they cute?
  2. Do you like dogs or cats more?
  3. Have you watched that tv show/movie? (Insert any show/movie you want to)
  4. Have you seen that actress’s new look? (Again, fill up any actress name you like)
  5. How’s your family?
  6. What is the sweetest thing I have done for you recently?
  7. Which four words describe us best?
  8. If you had a chance to gain one ability or quality, what would it be?

These are not a “perfect list,” but they surely can break the boring text trap you are facing.

2. Send Memes

Ahh, memes! The savior of today’s world of dating, how can we forget it!

Memes are a great way of breaking the boring text game she is playing with you.

The reward to effort ratio of sending memes is exponential.

I mean, how much time does it take for finding and sending a good meme? 30 seconds!

3. Tell her about the day you two met

Another thing you can do is remind her of the day you two met.

Unlike guys, women connect emotionally, so it is good to arouse her emotionally by reminding her of the day you two met.

How was the weather that day, etcetera.

4. Make a hangout plan with her

Try to make a hangout plan with her.

It does not need to be an exotic date or something, just a sweet and simple hangout or date would do.

You can ask her for a walk to a park, or you two can eat lunch or grab a snack from a local restaurant, or anything you like, but the idea is to keep it minimal!

5. Give her time to respond

This is mostly overlooked by most of us dudes.

Getting frustrated after sending a message and not getting a reply after a five-minute break is not the go.

You have to give her some space to breathe.

6. Get her on a phone call

While texting is a great way to remain connected with your girlfriend though it is not the best solution for the long run.

Sometimes, you have to pull back from texting and hang out with each other or call each other out.

If she is dry texting you, try to get her on a phone call with you, a video call is even better.

Try to figure out what is bothering her and how you two can find a solution for it.

7. Get a life

See brother, it is ok if she doesn’t respond to you or dry texts you. It is not the end of the world, and she is not the last girl on the planet.

I know you have got big plans ahead for your future, so don’t waste your energy on a topic that makes no f*cking sense.

Don’t just fu*king sit there and wait for her reply, instead go get your shit together!

Why Is My Girlfriend Dry Texting Me 2

Again, trying all the solutions mentioned above is the most you can do in this given situation.

The Final Verdict

As a gentleman, we should try to resolve the problem as long as we can, but if the other person is not putting the efforts, then you should completely pull off!

I always say that if you are having more stress than enjoyment in a relationship, you are doing wrong.

There is no sense in wasting even a second on to these people, you are way worthy than that, and always will be, period!!

Dry texting sucks, but dry texting in a relationship sucks more. But you shouldn’t be getting too much affected by this, you are way more robust than that.

Guess what you are savage, you are a mother f*cking allrounder.

So, relax, take a deep breath, and move on, life has much more good to offer than that!

That being said, that was basically it for why is my girlfriend dry texting me, if you guys found it useful, then don’t forget to comment down below.

That’s all from me, see you next time😎

Definition Credits: Urban Dictionary

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