Why Is My Girlfriend Ignoring Me? Reasons Will Shock YOU!
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Why Is My Girlfriend Ignoring Me? Reasons Will Shock YOU!

  • Post published:April 29, 2020
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What’s up gentlemen, hope you are doing great out there.

You guys already read the title, and I know you are here reading this for a reason, right?

This question is something that is not less than a nightmare for most of us dudes. The problem goes like “Is My Girlfriend Ignoring Me?”

Yeah, this one’s a sucker!!

And somehow, if we figure out if she’s ignoring us, we tend to do two things, either we freak out and wonder, “what I should do now?” OR we think in our head, “I should ignore her also”!

Whatever the case is, My advice to you would be, just don’t freak out! And just read what I am going to discuss with you guys.

First, let’s start with a story, shall we?

The story goes like this:-

You just met a girl you really like.

You both start texting each other, talking on the phone, regularly until it gets to a point where she actually becomes your girlfriend.

One day you send a message to your girlfriend, and she doesn’t text you back. You think to yourself, “that’s unusual.”

An hour goes by. You send your girlfriend another message and wait some more time, but she still has not responded.

You start to freak out. Has she suddenly lost interest in me? Is she playing games with me? This isn’t like her. Is she okay?

Did I do something wrong? I thought everything was going fine; How could she be so disrespectful?

You start to get upset and frustrated.

You start to check your phone aggressively. Five hours go by and still no response.

I just know it, she has lost interest in me. My girlfriend keeps ignoring me, f*ck.

In a state of anger mixed with insecurity, you send your girlfriend a message to know why she’s not texting you back and boom.

THERE you, my friend has committed a colossal mistake! We shall get to it soon.

Now, coming back to the post.

So, for this exclusive post, I contacted several girls (including my girlfriend) and based on that, I’ll be going over some information that I want to share with you guys.

Whether you are into a girl or you already have a sassy senorita.

You may probably come to a point in your life where you felt that the one you are into is ignoring you.

Out of the frustration, you either end up ignoring her too, OR you try to figure out if she’s actually ignoring you, or she’s just playing games!

I want you to go with the second one. Before even coming to the conclusion that she’s ignoring you and asking questions like “Should I ignore her?”

You should consider asking is she even ignoring you? (Trust me, most of the time, they are just testing you!)

If something does not feel right, most probably, it isn’t right.

Trust your instincts!

But, to be super sure, here’s a quick checklist which you can use.

Is my girlfriend ignoring me?

  • She’s ignoring you if she’ not replying to your messages for a week now. You may say, what if instead of a whole week the number is just a few days, well, in that case, it may be possible that she is quite busy lately! Give yourself a break and see where it goes.
  • She’s ignoring you if she IS replying but taking off frequently. You two are having a flow of conversations, but suddenly, she takes off. And this pattern is going on for a while (again, let it be a week or so).
  • She’s ignoring you if she’s acting as she has never seen you before.
is my girlfriend ignoring me
  • She’s ignoring you if her best friend is also acting strange with you.
  • She’s ignoring you if her body language tells it all. Girl’s body language says a lot about how they are feeling, or what’s in their head. Notice a difference in body language when you meet the person you are interested in.
  • She’s ignoring you if you are hearing, “Yeah, maybe I’ll see you later?” from her lately, in response to a direct invite.
  • She’s definitely ignoring you if she’s not seeing your social media stories, even though she is online at that time.

If you found yourself hanging in most of the points, then your instincts are working fine, and you are being ignored with or without purpose.

Now, you may be wondering; everything was working just fine before, what I have done that led her to ignore me all of a sudden?

But, to your surprise, maybe it wasn’t even your fault!

It is not always a guy’s fault; sometimes, it’s also from their side, which messes things up.

But like a true gentleman, you should try everything in your power to save the relationship and work things out.

Let’s try to figure out the possible reasons for her to act strangely out of the blue.

Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you can still check for these points as these points are the signs your long distance girlfriend is losing interest for you.

Why is my girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden?

1. She’s Bored

She might be ignoring you right now. There isn’t something new; you are not doing something new for her, that is enhancing the relationship.

You probably became a routine for her.

In other words, you are kinda predictable to her. And brother I must tell you, a predictable and a routine guy to a girl is boring AF!

why is my girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden

So, what you can do, you can try to be more intriguing to her. Girls like men who keep them in their toes (no disrespecting though!)

They are much likelier to stay if you are the controller of the relationship (or whatever you two have.)

2. Being Inconsistent

If you are being inconsistent with her, then it may be the reason for this whole ignore thing.

By inconsistent, I mean, you are not putting that much effort into making contact with her.

Here’s an example

Josh is texting his girlfriend after every once in a week. Josh then takes off from texting, he later texts his girlfriend again after two weeks.

Her girlfriend doesn’t mind it much and happily reply to his text. Josh then back takes off, and then he texts her after three weeks.

But this time, Josh is not getting a reply from her, and he is wondering what I have done wrong. Why my girlfriend ignoring me for no reason?

Josh wants to know the answer, he is searching everywhere for the possible solution, but to his bad luck, he is not finding an answer.

But as a part of allrounderm, you already know where he is f*cked up!

Yes, It is the inconsistency that he projected towards that girl.

Inconsistency in anything is not the go in not just dating, but anywhere.

Now, I am not saying that it should be some sort of schedule or something.

But you gotta understand, if you are texting her and taking off like that, how could you expect her to reply you back.

Okay, now, just for a moment. Put yourself in the girl’s shoes and feel what this is all about!

You will understand.

See, it may work with low self – esteemed girls, but if you are dating a girl of high self – esteem then my friend, she’s not going to take this shit.

Remember, period.

3. Career Oriented

The other way around could be she’s now more into her life goals and have become more carrier oriented lately.

signs your long distance girlfriend is losing interest

The rule of thumb for dating. Ask her in the initial stages of dating what she actually want from this relationship.

If she’s in just for a good time, then you should probably back off from that, if you wanted it to be a serious one.

BUT if you also wanted it for a good time, then what’s wrong in that if she’s not texting you back!

But again, keep a week with her, and if she still hasn’t responded, then go find a new girl for a good time, if that’s what you want.

4. She’s turned off

This is the one that is the most terrifying for men. She is just turned off and has lost attraction for you.

If you are being over-responsive and you are messaging her too often, then there’s quite a good chance that you have turned your girlfriend off.

Being too responsive with your girlfriend and texting her all the time sends a subliminal message to her that you’re not a busy and productive person.

Which is just not the thing you want her to think!

Women also need space just like men need. No one wants to be squeezed in a relationship by a constant flow of texting.

It just kills the life of your relationship.

The less responsive and more silent and quiet you are, the more will be the women attracted to you. And it is scientifically proven also!

If you want to know more about turn-offs, then you definitely consider checking this:- 8 Quickest Turnoffs For Women

5. She’s Being Overwhelmed

If you pushed an issue earlier before any of this happened. Then, it is likely, that she’s overwhelmed, and she needs space right now, which is totally fine.

girlfriend ignoring me for no reason

She just doesn’t want to confront that issue or that thing right now.

6. She’s Having Another Boyfriend

It’s possible that your girl had a boyfriend before you, and they broke up, and then you came.

Then suddenly, on one day, she aroused feelings for her ex-boyfriend and left you hanging in between.

Yeah, welcome to the 21st century.

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That’s why I said earlier to ask her. What she’s up to in this relationship in the initial stages.

And brother, you should also understand that you have to have some options in your life.

If one girl goes, the better girl comes!

It is also possible that she is probably ignoring you on purpose. Again, this is all theory and stuff that I heard from other girlfriends of mine.

So don’t shoot the messenger here…

Is my girlfriend ignoring me on purpose?

1. She craves more attention from you

She thinks that by doing certain things or doing different things, you will notice her more. This is like playing mind games here.

2. She Doesn’t want always to be available

She doesn’t want herself to feel like an easy catch to you. She is just trying to appear as a high-value girl.

She knows that anything which is given away too freely or quickly loses its value.

The other way around could be, she wants you to focus more on yourself and wants you to be a successful man.

Her greatest desire is to get behind you and support you by any means.

is my girlfriend ignoring me on purpose

If she doesn’t respond to you that often, but still a supportive girlfriend, then enjoy the freedom she’s giving you.

This is a real asset right here, don’t take it for granted!

3. Your girlfriend is scared

Your girl is scared that you will lose interest in her if she communicates with you too much. Yeah, this is totally contrary to what we’ve seen earlier.

They’re afraid that it will kill the attraction by texting you too often.

Girls are, in general, more concerned about rejection than men. A lot of girls have messed up relationships over the phone and on Whatsapp before.

This is why a lot of girls can be susceptible before texting and messaging their boyfriends too much.

She doesn’t want to appear too needy and controlling.

However, there’s a vast number of women who crave constant attention and need validation all the time.

And have so much insecurity filled into them that they need to be in continuous contact with their boyfriends.

In the same way, there are vast numbers of men who are just the same.

4. She wants you to give time for yourself

This point goes side by side with the second point.

Some girls have an understanding that men need to work, and they have busy lives.

Your girlfriend would not want to interfere too much in your life until you two are in a fully committed relationship.

Girls want a strong man who has drive and purpose in life.

The last thing your girlfriend wants to do is get in your way.

5. You are being tested

This is the last one and man, how much do I hate this one!

She is testing you!

But you may question, I have given all my attention and affection to her, why would even she do that?

The answer is simple. She wants to test your weakness.

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She wants to know whether you’ll remain unaffected without her in your life or not.

my girlfriend keeps ignoring me

Again, she knows that… anything which is given away too freely or quickly loses its value. She wants to build that love and attention from you.

Remember, she wants to know your emotional stability.

If you allow her to affect you too much emotionally, then she will lose respect for you. And she will not be going to respond or text you back as much.

That’s why I was saying at the beginning of the article.

The moment you send your girlfriend a message to know why she’s not texting you back, you made a colossal mistake.

You hadn’t only sent that message. But you also sent an additional message to her subliminal mind, that you are too much affected by her emotionally!

Oof, now you see why I insist you guys to start snap chatting girls instead of these silly ass texts.

Snapchat is way less stressful than your simple “Hi” to a girl!

But if some of you guys are already using Snapchat and are still bothered by an ignoring girlfriend and wondering what to do?

Then, bro I highly suggest you, check out this article here: How To Snapchat Your Crush

So, You guys got plenty of knowledge about the possible reasons.

But there’s still a question spinning in your head. And that is, What to do now? My girlfriend ignoring me should i ignore her? Should I leave as it is?

What to do?!!!

Listen, bro, just take a deep breath and let’s try to understand this.

What To Do Now? The Final Verdict!

If you contacted your girlfriend and she doesn’t respond for a day or even two, then you should wait until she gets back to you.

Wait at least for a week.

Give some time to her and, most importantly, to you!

girlfriend ignoring me what to do

In my experience, a girl will always respond eventually.

And when they do, it will always be with more interest and attraction than before. Don’t underestimate the power of PAUSE here!

But IF this not happens to be a case, if she never responded you, then here’s a takeaway from me for you:

If you are having more stress than enjoyment in any relationship, then you are doing wrong!

Just let her go away and move on with this girl. You will find plenty of girls better than this. Again, If one girl goes, the better girl comes!

Because at the end of the day, nothing’s more important than yourself.

Your worth is not set by an ugly ass rejection, remember that. You are amazing, and I truly believe that!

So, allrounders let’s all be awesome and continue to rock sassy senoritas!

That’s basically it from me on why your girlfriend may be ignoring you; if you guys found it informative, don’t forget to comment down below.

That’s a wrap from me, see you next time😎

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