8 Quickest Turn offs For Women You Should Be Aware Of!
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8 Quickest Turn offs For Women You Should Be Aware Of!

  • Post published:March 3, 2020
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What’s up, gentlemen. In this exclusive post, I am going to list eight biggest turn offs for women that turn them off like a light switch. Are you guilty of these? Let’s Find Out!

Gentlemen, this website make sure your grooming game is strong, your style is on-point, and your etiquette is in-check. However, there could be some things slipping through the seductive crack and turning her off like a light.

Well, today we are just going to address that.

So without any further ado, let’s get started

1. Insecurity

Insecurity is the most instant turn off for a woman according to like 96 women that I actually asked for this particular post.

If you are one of those guys who constantly say, “do you still like me? Do you think I’m good looking, you know you can tell me if you don’t, Did you just check out another dude, you think he’s hotter than me don’t you????”

Then bro you need to stop right now, like seriously!

Always needing validation is one of the quickest turn offs not just for girls; it is a turnoff for dudes! However, having confidence is just as sexy as it can be 😎.

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2. When You Are A Dirty Little Boy

Don’t be that guy who has a filthy looking car, dirty kitchen, dirty bedroom, disgusting bathroom. You just don’t know when your girl decides to come over your house or expect to drop her off in your car.

So, you should always be prepared for it.

Now, keeping our surroundings clean is just not for a girl but should be for ourselves also. Note you don’t need the nicest car, the nicest apartment, or the nicest furniture, you just need to keep the stuff you have, Clean!

3. Trash Talk About Your EX

If you are doing this thing then you really should be reconsidering about it.

I know when dude logic, we should talk about our ex and trash her so that our new person will be like, “oh, he has no desire wanting her anymore,” right?  Absolutely Wrong!

instant turn off for a woman

Because in her mind she will think, what if she dates you and in future there happens to be a breakup then you will talk trash about her also to other girls. Which is resisting her not to date you; and turning her off straight up!

Throw dude logic out the window and say something simple like she was a great girl, we just weren’t great together, that’s all you need 😉.

4. Being rude

Imagine you are out hanging with your girl, and you both go to a sweet restaurant; you order something that she likes, everything is going fine, but suddenly under some circumstances, you decided to get rude with the service agent or the cashier.

You see a drastic change of expression and vibe in your girl. Now, you wonder what went wrong. What you did is, you just sent a subliminal message to the girl’s mind that you are a DICK!

It is a humongous dating red flag. However, being respectful to everyone is a sign of matured and a true gentleman.

5. Wearing Trashy Shoes

The first-ever thing a girl sees when meeting a guy is his shoe, so try to don’t wear a dirty, dorky, or funky footwear.

Rule Of Thumb, Whenever in doubt, wear a minimalist looking shoe like white or black. They look great with almost everything.

6. Clingy

If I were to answer, what turns off a woman the quickest, then this would be the top answer.

This is the point most guys are guilty of, and then they complain about not having a girlfriend!

You need to understand being too clingy is too cringy; learn to give some personal space to her rather than just texting her at the other second of the day.

Even you are not doing that (which is excellent by the way), but if you are thinking about her 24X7, then bro you should have a life. If you are into her more than she’s into you, then you have a problem.

Ok, imagine yourself; if someone constantly messages or call you every other minute/hour of the day, then you would be frustrated, don’t you?

Don’t forget she’s also a human and have human-like properties… So, try not to get too clingy and give her some space.

7. Personal Hygiene

Well, this area is under control for the majority of the dudes, but few could potentially have long dirty, unkempt fingernails, which is nasty. Hair falling through the nose, through the ears, that’s just not going to work.

what turns off a woman

You should seriously be taking care of your personal hygiene. You gotta trim your nails make sure they are not unkempt; make sure you don’t have bad breath; girls should not be moving away when you talk to them; instead, they should not be letting YOU go away, because your mouth smells fantastic!

Your Body Odour also plays an important role, shower daily, and apply deodorant accordingly.

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8. Being A Bad Conversationalist

If she’s talking with you, and you are just looking at your phone, looking around, looking at your watch, checking out other people, then brother, it’s a no – go, she’s going to turnoff superfast.

What you are doing, you are just not paying attention to her; see, listening requires not only your ears but also your eyes and your entire body.

You can quickly tell when somebody is engaged in actually listening to you, you can also tell when somebody could care less about what you’re saying and if you are not paying attention, then bro you are just turning off the switch,

So allrounders, that’s basically it from me on eight quickest turn offs for women; if you guys found it informative, don’t forget to comment down below.

That’s a wrap from me, see you next time. 😎

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