The Ultimate Guide On 10 Signs She Likes You!
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The Ultimate Guide On 10 Signs She Likes You!

  • Post published:May 4, 2020
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Is she’s into me?

This is a question that is faced by almost every dude at some point in his life.

I mean, there’s maybe not a better way to safeguard yourself for “rejection” than to figure out what she’s thinking about you, before even approaching her.

Women are mysterious creatures.

And let’s face it, it is not entirely natural for us dudes to catch clues about what’s she thinking about us.

BUT don’t you worry guys because we are going to decode that Da Vinci Code today!!

Whether you like her but not sure, she’d say yes to you if you asked her out.


You have already hooked her up, but not sure whether she is really looking forward to the future with you or not.

In both cases, reading her and trying to find subtle signs can be a humongous task.

The key here is to watch out for certain behaviors and hints which convey a solid answer to whether if she likes you or just playing with you?

Some of them might be subtle, and some of them might be non-subtle, we’ll go over all of them.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

10 Signs She Likes You

These are the signs which will be projected anyhow if she likes you.

Now, it is essential to note that all girls are not the same.

Some girls usually show these signs quite quickly, but some girls are more of a shy nature.

They usually have a tendency to hide these signs, and pretends to show that they don’t like you.

But, they secretly like you…😑

Yeah, girls are weird sometimes.

But we will go to that part also.

Till then, watch out for these signs!

1. She Plays With Her Hair

If she touches her hair and plays with it while having a conversation with you, then it is a definite sign that she’s into you, and she likes you.

She Touches it, Fixes it, toys around with it.

she plays with hair

Women’s hair is a language of itself. Which we dudes do not speak, obviously.

She’s trying to fix her hair to look good and clean in front of you.

Little does she know, we don’t care, if her hair is perfect or not, if you got boobs we are in, JK.😂

Now, she doesn’t need to do it only while having a conversation with you, this may also happen while she’s around you.

But any time she talks to you and starts to play with her hair, combined with a giggle, then you know what’s up😉

2. She Enjoys Your Corny Jokes

She can’t resist laughing at your stupid silly jokes.

And if she combines laugh with a touch, then boy, you are in for some action!

Humans, in general, like to enjoy every little thing which is related to a person they like, it may even be the stupidest thing.

3. She Asks You To Do Stuff

She likes to ask for a hangout with you.

She likes to study together, she wants to go to movies together.

if she likes you

All these types of stuff she asks you for is a decent sign that she enjoys spending time with you.

Most importantly, she is comfortable around you, which again is a high sign that she’s into you.

4. She Mistakenly Touches You

By mistakenly touches you, I mean she’s doing it on purpose.

There is a thin line between accidentally touching someone and touching someone purposely with a hidden motive.

People don’t accidentally touch other people, but when they do, they let them know that they didn’t mean to reach them, alright.

You know the difference between an accidental touch and a touch with purpose.

And if you aren’t quite sure about the difference.


That line of difference is, if she touched you one or two times, then there’s a high chance that she actually did it accidentally.


If she’s being touchy multiple times, and every time she’s stating that it happened mistakenly or even not stating at all.

Then, it is definitely a sign that something is up.

5. Her Eyes Smiles At You

Now you may wonder, what the heck is “her eyes smile at me?”

Hold on, let me explain.

Whenever we usually smile at people, we just use our face, it is just a usual smile.

But if we are delighted to see someone, we tend to smile with our whole face.

her eyes smiles

When we smile, we use a zillion different muscles on our face.

Our eye muscles squeeze to give an expression that the eyes are smiling.

So, next time she smiles at you, notice her eyes!!

6. She Compliments You

Now, it may be seen as a kind gesture only.

But it becomes a significant sign when she compliments every little thing about you.

“Oh my god, that shirt is fantastic.”

“Hey! I love your hairstyle.”

“I love the glasses you are wearing.”

“You are so cute.”

And it goes just like that.

7. She Blushes

Does she blush while talking with you? Or blushes whenever she’s near you?

If the answer is yes, then, bro, she’s into you.

And if you are thinking that maybe she likes to blush around every one, then, tell me how many girls have you seen, who does that?

No one!

People not just bushing around here and there. They do it whenever they are around a person they like.

And in this case, the person is YOU boi.

8. She Stands Facing You

This is one of the subtle signs she likes you.

We’ll go over some more subtle signs after this one.

Facing you means her feet are pointed towards you.

female body language signs of attraction

The direction in which somebody’s feet are pointing tells a lot about how they are feeling about an individual they are talking to.

If you are talking to somebody, say your senorita and her feet are pointing towards you, that means she likes you.

BUT, if the feet are pointing away from you, or towards the door, this means she doesn’t.

This article from The Telegraph shows how feet can work wonders in telling someone’s thoughts about you.

9. She’s Asking A Hell Lot Of Personal Questions

She doesn’t hesitate to ask you questions about your personal life.

“Do you like dogs?”

“Do you cry?”

“Do you like that show?”

“What are your goals?”

Well, she may sound weird to you, and you probably say why is she acting up on my business?

The simple answer to this is, she likes you.

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10. She’s Making Intense Eye Contact

There are a few different tells when it comes to eye contact.

You catch somebody, and they are just like locked and loaded with their eyes.

They don’t even gaze, this is weird and awkward because most people don’t do that!

But if she is doing this, then it means she likes you.


It’s not usual either if you’re just sitting there, and you look over and catch her.

Because that means she was probably checking you out.

And if even after two minutes.

She’s doing the same damn thing, then get out of the misery and go talk to that girl!

Now, these were some “common” or kind of “easy to catch” signs that she likes you.

But sometimes, you have to catch those subtle signs also which are easy to miss out.

Subtle Signs She Likes You

Before heading straight to the points, let’s see a situation first, shall we?

So here’s Josh and Mary.

Josh really likes Mary.

They usually talk all the time. But something weird happened on one day.

Josh and Mary are talking to each other.

After some time, Josh leaves Mary and goes to a different girl named Maranda.

Now, Maranda and Josh are having their conversation. After a while, Mary sees them two, talking to each other.

Mary doesn’t talk with Josh for the rest of the day.

And now, Josh is wondering where he’s gone wrong, what did he do? Is she’s not interested?

Of course, She Likes Him!!

Coming to the points now.

1.Body Language

Honestly, this point is an article of itself.

Because there are so many little things, she could be projecting through her body that could be telling you that she likes you.

But, for the sake of this article, there are some female body language signs of attraction, which we’re going to see right now.

a. Her Arms Are Crossed

If she crosses her arms while talking to you, then that might not be a good sign.

b. Standing Sideways

There is a vast difference between standing sideways with little to no eye contact.


Standing facing you while talking to you and making a lot of eye contact.

c. She Leans Back

When you are talking to a girl, and if she leans towards you and tilts her head, then it means she’s interested.

2. Drunk Calls

There is a direct correlation between alcohol and phone. This article from Alcohol.Org proves it.

This is some sort of human behavior, that whenever we are drunk, we tend to text or call people whom we like.

So, if you get a phone call or text message from your sassy girl after like 9:00 clock, then you can say that she’s really interested in me.

When a girl texts you late at night, Chances are she wants a piece of you.

3. She’s Acting Weird Around You

She is being awkward around you.

She acts fumble.

She tries to be funny whenever she’s around you.

All these things indicate that she’s into you.

4. She Acts Helpless

Every now and then, she is acting helpless in front of you.

“I can’t do this, can you help me?”

subtle signs she likes you

Here is a thing bro, women are the more vigorous sex.

You know they squeeze giant things out of their vagina, which we call as babies, yeah.

They are strong, and they are capable.

But, if she is acting helpless and all.

Then she wants you to help her so that you connect with her and you feel like a man.

5. She Stalks The Crap Out On Social Media

If she likes you, then she really showcases her Sherlock Holmes level skills to stalk the crap out of you on social media.

If you found yourself in a situation where you posted about going to a restaurant or something, the other day.


On the next day, she excitedly asks you about your experience at that restaurant.

Or, you just posted a story of you with your cousins, and she sarcastically asks you, “Huh, You seem to enjoy a lot these days, don’t you?”

If you ever witnessed this, then understand she’s stalking you out, and again there’s a high chance that she’s into you.

6. You Have Been Coded

You are being nicknamed, and this name, she uses as an inside conversation with her friends.

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7. She Speculates Everything

She is analyzing and overthinking all the minute steps you are doing.

She tries to figure out what it means.

she speculates

“The other day you entered the class, did you meant that you don’t like me?”


Exactly, it makes no sense.

She reads into everything and anything you do in front of her.

8. Text Text Text

If she texts you way too much.

Then, there is a high chance that she likes you more than a friend.

We’re going to see further signs related to texts.

If you learn to read those subtle things, you will realize that girls do some bizarre stuff!!

Now, let’s see some signs that show she likes you over text!

Signs She Likes You Over Text

1. She Texts First

She texts you first in most of the occasions.

Unless she’s asking something from you, the fact that she’s starting the conversation is a great sign.

If a girl is not interested, she’s never going to go out of her way to initiate a conversation.

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2. She Responds Quickly

She is responding fast to your messages.

It’s a great sign, as this shows that she really likes to engage with you.

signs she likes you over text


She is not making a one-word response over your one-liner or two-liner texts.

3. She’s Sending Emoticons

She is sending you happy and kiss faced emoticons.

But what if she’s not into emoticons stuff?

Then, she’s sending you words like LOL, LMAO, HAHAHA, etcetera.

4. She Teases You

She teases you playfully. It shows she’s comfortable with you while having a text conversation.

It is also a somewhat a great sign that she likes you.

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5. She’s Sending Memes

She is sending you memes lately. Yeah, how can we forget about the memes?

She hopes you find it funny and also it’s a great way to make you laugh.

6. Lengthy Replies

She giving lengthy replies, in response to your texts is an excellent sign that she likes you.

Now, there might be a case if she secretly likes you and is afraid of showing her feelings for you.

There may be any reason why she doesn’t want to show her real feeling for you.

But regardless of those reasons, they always find a way to open those feelings up.

Signs She Is Hiding Her Feelings For You

1. Intense Rapid Eyelock

You are sitting in someplace and chilling out. Suddenly, you get a feeling that someone is watching you.

You look around, and there you find that she’s been looking into you the whole time.

You two make intense eye contact, and then suddenly, she rolls her eye away.

Leaving you to wonder what the heck was that all about.

If the girl is a complete stranger, then my advice would be going and talking to her, as it’s a win-win situation here.

And if the girl happens to be your known, then lookout for the other signs we are discussing.

2. She Acts like an Open Book

She justs acts like an open book in front of you.

signs she is hiding her feelings for you

Starting from what her childhood was like, to what she ate the other day.

But when it comes to her love life, she’s basically don’t have much to say.

3. A Tone Change

Notice how the tone changes while talking with you as compared to when she’s talking with her girlfriends.

Here is a great article by Inc on tone change.

If her tone is much sweeter and heartwarming, then, yeah, she’s hiding that she likes you.

4. More On Social Media

If she likes to have a conversation with you more on social media rather than face to face, then chances are she’s hiding her feelings.

And she’s afraid to show everybody that she likes you.

It is not always the case that she will text you first.

Always remember, some girls are just shy in nature and like you to approach them first.


I hope you understood all the points above and are ready to make your next move.

Guys here is the fact, you are savage😎

You have been part of allrounderm, you have been taking care of yourself.

You are a f*cking allrounder.

Everyone sees that. So, prepare yourself for the flirtatious vibes coming at you.

If you are single, mingle it up.

If you are not, then just appreciate the compliments.

Say thanks, but I’m good. It’s not you, it’s me.

That being said, that’s basically it for the 10 signs she likes you.

If you guys liked the article, then make sure to post a lovely comment down below, it really helps.

That’s a wrap from me, see you guys next time😎

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